Fresh launches Vitamin Nectar product collection

Fresh launches Vitamin Nectar product collection

Keeping the food trend in beauty alive and well, the first product of the new portfolio from Fresh is a face mask that looks and feels something like marmalade. The launch coincides with the brand’s 25th anniversary and is perhaps the next chapter of Fresh.

The company video introducing Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask shows beautiful orange groves as well as kitchen and chef style scenes where oranges get peeled, sliced, and gracefully stacked. There are some glamorous shots suggesting a product formulation lab, and a dripping sieve to illustrate the product’s “citrus jam texture.” It’s all very sunny and clean.

The Vitamin Nectar collection centers on “a breakthrough formula based on vitamins,” according to a press release about the launch. And, “these new skincare products reflect Fresh’s natural approach to beauty,” explains the company.


Consumers have a working knowledge of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. So as ingredient transparency becomes increasingly important, product formulations and marketing language about those nutrients makes sense. Indeed, Lev Glazman, head of the Fresh research lab, “decided to bridge the world of vitamins into beauty products,” affirms the press release.

“This revolutionary approach to beauty taps into the power of nature to employ potent natural ingredients which combine with cutting-edge technology to deliver the optimal impact, making them the perfect partner to any skincare ritual,” says Glazman.

The mask and forthcoming Vitamin Nectar products are formulated with vitamin C, E, and B5, as well as with extracts of orange, lemon, and clementine.

In demand

A recent report from market research firm Mintel confirms that natural skin care is still rising in popularity with consumers. Product claims that mention natural ingredients do well: “Trusted and easily recognizable ingredients alleviate concerns about chemicals, pollution and unfamiliar ingredients,” according to Mintel.

And the new Fresh collection features just want consumers want. Mintel reports that 85% want products made with vitamin C, and 78% want fruit-based ingredients. “As consumers increasingly associate their lifestyle with their skin’s appearance, product formulations with added food-based ingredients and vitamins stand out among the competition,” Shannon Romanowski, health, household, beauty and personal care category manager at Mintel, tells the press.

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