Mattify! Introduce 'breakthrough' vegan mineral powder

Nevada-based cosmetics producer, Mattify!, has developed a natural vegan mineral powder for sensitive oily skin.

The product is claimed to be a breakthrough for those who suffer from food allergies, and get a bad reaction from the rice powder and corn starch used in regular cosmetic items.

The new Loose Powder for Sensitive Skin is said to omit these two potential irritants, and is the first powder of its kind to do so.

Banished potential irritants

In the past, rice powder and corn derivative formulations, which are found in nearly all cosmetic products, have caused sufferers acne breakouts and skin rash.

The lack of these two oil absorbing ingredients enable the product to be used by the most sensitive individual, and will not interfere with the effectiveness of the powder, according to Mattify!.

“A finely milled blend which includes Kaolin Clay and Silica Spheres guarantee the high rate of oil and moisture absorption that you have come to expect from Mattify! Loose Powder formulas,” explained Colleen Lindstrom, company CEO.

All the products in the are already free of irritants commonly found in other mineral make-up such as talc, bismuth and pearl powder, and Mattify! hope the universal appeal of its products, combined with the natural ingredients used, will make its range a success.

Online customer reviews

Like many other cosmetics companies, the company has turned to social media to help promote its products.

The online organization uses popular website YouTube, as a source for viewers to review the products for others to see, with links from its own website.

This form of customer interaction helps to build trust with the consumer and receive feedback, as well as gaining further exposure to like-minded individuals.

This trend has been utilized by several personal care organizations, most recently by Swedish Skin, who launched a complete campaign through social media.

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