New fragrance range combats harmful hair maintenance regimes

Canada based Pure and Petal has launched a new hair fragrance line that taps into the growing consumer desire consumers for products that allow their hair to maintain a fresh, without the heavy effects of perfume.

The fragrance line, created specifically for use on hair and containing pro-vitamin B5, has been made in four scents: Sublime Citrus, Heavenly Clean, Linden Blossom and Summer Passion. Developed to tap into the growing concern of keeping hair smelling fresh longer, the fragrance line, launched in retail outlets in Canada this spring, will no doubt be innovative in the hair care market. It is also set to be popular with consumers who are searching for alternate options to prolonging hair styles that are created using harmful hair maintenance techniques such as blow-drying and straightening. Indeed, a spokesperson for the company stated, "As many hair care professionals will attest, too frequent washing will strip hair of valuable natural oils and daily heat styling can cause damage to hair. By using a hair fragrance, women can skip a day of washing and styling, while still keeping their hair freshly scented". The Pure and Petal Hair Fragrance range was created in order to give customers a more natural alternative when wanting to keep their hair smelling fresh, while avoiding the use of using 'heavy' perfumes to mask day-to-day smells the hair picks up. Made with silk proteins and containing no alcohol, the hair fragrances allegedly maintain the appearance of freshly washed hair without causing the usual drying or weighing down effects of fragrances designed for the skin. "We realized that a fragrance for hair required a special formula. Existing hair fragrances frequently contain alcohol or silicone. Pure & Petal is specially formulated to keep hair lightly scented, without drying out or weighing down hair," the spokesperson continued. The company is also targeting the lucrative wedding hair market with the range, stating, "Hairstylists, brides and anyone styling their hair in an updo will also enjoy the benefits of using a hair fragrance on their "day-old-hair" that is required for a professional updo".

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