Redyless®, the skin redness under control for a recovery of skin comfort!

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Stress, exertion, alcohol, spicy food and climate variations are all factors that make the skin turn red. Redness which is visible in varying degrees depending on the level of sensitivity and skin color. But turning red is rarely about blushing with pleasure... heat and irritation are painful sensations often associated with redness, while the complexion becomes less homogeneous.

For a homogeneous complexion, without blemishes, and extreme comfort, whether it is a matter of flushing or rosacea, it is possible to keep inflammation and redness under control on a daily basis thanks to REDYLESS®.

Redyless®, the winner of Bronze award at the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient Awards 2016, is based on piperonyl glucose, an innovative molecule which is obtained by the transfer of glucose on piperonylic alcohol (green method of enzyme biocatalysis), dedicated to controlling instantaneous and and transient redness (flushing) or chronic redness (rosacea) to gain comfort and a harmonious complexion.

Don’t be afraid to turn red and recover your skin well-being & well-feeling!


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