Nordic beauty brand OleHenriksen relaunches

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“With the brand relaunch, it’s now easier than ever to achieve the Ole Glow and become your own skincare expert,” says the brand’s namesake. Henricksen also believes that the update has made the brand more elegant and discoverable.

Nordic beauty is on trend. So it’s little wonder that the rebranding hones in on the company’s Scandinavian roots. The packaging colors and design are especially “inspired by Ole’s Scandinavian heritage,” according to a company press release.

And, as happens on occasion, it was simply time for a refresh: “I believe in life that every decade or so you want to remodel your house, change your look,” Henriksen tells the press. 

“This was a chance to make the products look more elegant and sophisticated, and I also wanted to make the shopping experience for our clients as easy as possible. I think we’re going to be discovered by a wider audience because the [line] is going to draw you in with the vivid colors and storytelling. At the end of the day, my goal is always reminding women and men that good skin starts with you feeling good about the person that you are and recognizing all of the abilities that you have.”

Improved indie

In 2011 the OleHenricksen brand was bought by the LVMH incubator Kendo. An investment like this validates a brand for, perhaps, its quality, consumer reach, proprietary tech, marketing strategy, or all of the above.

Once inside an incubator, a brand gets refined and redefined to become the best version of itself given the current marketplace. “After five years of being nurtured by the best global product expertise, rigorous and extensive scientific testing, and a deep immersion to truly understand and rearticulate the brand’s origins, OleHenriksen skincare has reemerged in 2017 with greater vitality, optimism and spotlight on Ole’s Scandinavian heritage,” affirms the press release.

Up to date

The relaunch sees OleHenriksen staying active in the lucrative wellness travel space, the brand is “continuing its Glow Camp events, transformational skin care retreats that center around the mind, body and skin, in beautiful, meaningful locations around the world.”

And marketing for the brand will be increasingly digital. On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook OleHenriksen will be more active; while the brand’s YouTube channel will feature influencers demoing product from each of OleHenriksen product lines or ‘franchises’.

A whole new collection

A collection of skin care formulated for oily skin, called the Balance collection, was added in time for the relaunch. These products are meant to “control oil and refine pores without stripping skin,” as the release describes it.

The brand’s well-known anti-aging Truth Collection, the Transform Collection that addresses skin tone and texture, and the hydrating Nurture Collection for sensitive skin remain in the OleHenriksen product portfolio.

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