Canadean highlights opportunities in Brazilian male toiletries market

17-Apr-2014 - In the Brazilian male toiletries market, which is witnessing a fundamental shift driven by the country’s fast-growing economy, significant opportunities exist for manufacturers and retailers according to Canadean.

Consumer trial confirms efficacy of Vitamin A skin care line

17-Apr-2014 - A consumer study of derma e’s 8-product Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A line (previously known as Refining Vitamin A) has shown that it reduces discoloration and wrinkle volume.

Consumers must be educated to make cosmetics packaging sustainable

17-Apr-2014 - Educating consumers is the only way brand owners can ensure that cosmetic packaging reaches sustainability goals according to a Korean chemical manufacturer.

The in-cosmetics trends presentations reveal the most up-to-date trends in global beauty

17-Apr-2014 - With a new show in Sao Paolo just around the corner, in-cosmetics shone the spotlight onto the Brazilian beauty industry at this year’s show in Hamburg. 

Johnson & Johnson drops PurTox

16-Apr-2014 - The company as a whole may have reported strong first quarter results, but Johnson & Johnson has ended efforts to rival Allergan’s popular Botox anti-wrinkle treatment.

Rivertop gets multi-million dollar investment to develop bio-based ingredients

16-Apr-2014 - The demand from the cosmetics industry and others for bio-based ingredients has seen chemicals producer Rivertop Renewables raise $26 million from Cargill, First Green Partners and existing investors.

Beauty brands hit and miss with video advertising

16-Apr-2014 - Recent video advertising campaigns by Dove and Veet have met with criticism from consumers and professional commentators, emphasizing the importance of the increasingly dominant marketing format for the beauty industry. 

Adverse Outcome Pathways holding the key to regulatory hurdles?

16-Apr-2014 - Following a successful in-cosmetics workshop on the regulatory issues facing the industry, Annelie Struessman of CONUSBAT, chair of the workshop, stopped off to give the Cosmetics Design team the low-down on what was discussed.

Block animal testing: California Senate urges U.S. to join ban

15-Apr-2014 - In another step forward in the campaign to end animal testing in cosmetics, California's Senate approved a measure by State Senator Marty Block urging the country to follow in other region’s footsteps and implement a ban.

Brazilian beauty market set to drive plastic packaging growth

15-Apr-2014 - Beauty conscious Brazil is set to drive growth in the plastics packaging industry according to a new report from UK-based market research company Canadean.

L’Oréal struggles in U.S. as sales slow down

15-Apr-2014 - A sales slowdown in the U.S. and the effects of currency shifts have seen a slight drop in L’Oréal’s first quarter sales, though the alarm bells haven’t quite gone off for senior management just yet.

Dow Chemical focuses on multifunctionality and sensorial feel

15-Apr-2014 - In this latest video interview with Dow Europe, Stéphanie Sandrock-Beunat, global beauty care strategic marketing manager, explains how the company's latest ingredient launches have been developed around the concept of providing, multi-functionality and enhanced sensorial feel at an affordable price.

Brazil remains a market full of opportunities, says ABIHPEC exec

14-Apr-2014 - Cosmetics Design caught up with Daniel Oliveira, of ABIHPEC's business intelligence unit, who explained that there are still big opportunities in the market for cosmetics and personal care, despite signs of the economy slowing down.

TRI-K develops new anti-aging hair care ingredient derived from the Baobab tree

14-Apr-2014 - Ingredient distributor and developer Tri-K is launching a new ingredient that taps into two of the biggest trends in the industry – anti-aging hair care combined with demanded for unique naturally-derived ingredients.

Brazil becoming a bigger player in global hair care market

14-Apr-2014 - Hair care manufacturers will do well to target Brazil as the market continues to grow and will only get stronger in the years to come.

Research questions health risk associated with lipids in cosmetics

11-Apr-2014 - Scientists at York University, Toronto, Canada, have released research pointing to potential health risks associated with prenatal brain development.

MAC’s social media strategy leading the way, say digital experts

10-Apr-2014 - As more and more beauty brands strive to master the social media platform to connect people and interact, digital specialists have found color cosmetics player MAC to be ahead of the game with its strategy.

L’Oreal launches new campaign with Melanoma Research Alliance

10-Apr-2014 - L’Oreal has announced that it is launching a new campaign with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) which looks to raise awareness of the dangers related to sun damage and promote the use of sunscreen.

PCPC launches PCMAP to assess cosmetics manufacturing processes

10-Apr-2014 - The Personal Care Products Council has announced the launch of a program specifically designed to assess the manufacturing processes for cosmetics and personal care products.

In-cosmetics Hamburg traffic goes through the roof!

10-Apr-2014 - At the in-cosmetics event in Hamburg, Cosmetics Design spoke to exhibition manager Cathy Laporte on day 2 about traffic numbers and what features of the show stood out for her this year.