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CosmeticsDesign.com USA is the leading and highest read North American news website in the cosmetics industry. The website publishes daily online news for cosmetics manufacturing companies on a free-access basis.

The CosmeticsDesign.com USA team is led by award-winning journalists. They use their extensive network of industry sources on a daily basis to produce up-to-the-minute news in a range of multimedia formats that adds value to the business of cosmetics manufacturers.


Simon Pitman, Senior Editor

Simon Pitman has been engaged in journalism for more than 20 years and has been working in the cosmetics and personal care arena for over ten years. As the founding editor of the Cosmetics.Design websites Simon has overseen the expansion into global industry news coverage, as well as the continued evolution of multimedia content and events.


Deanna Utroske, Senior Correspondent

Deanna Utroske has been reporting on all things beauty and personal care for CosmeticsDesign.com since 2014. She speaks at select industry events and is the co-creator and host of Cosmetic Design’s video news initiative, CD Buzz. As a professional editor, writer, and communicator, Deanna’s work spans newspapers, magazines, digital media, public speaking, on-camera reporting, book publishing, ebooks, scholarly journals, and social media.


Lucy Whitehouse, Editor

An experienced journalist, Lucy Whitehouse has worked across corporate and national news publications for both print and digital media. Having reported on beauty for several years, she has developed particular expertise in covering both the Asia and European markets and has also evolved her expertise into events and multimedia coverage.


Natasha Spencer, Reporter

An NCTJ-qualified and experienced journalist, Natasha Spencer has worked across various corporate B2B publications in both print and digital media. Previously the assistant editor and editor of a number of titles, she has reported on a variety of evolving markets and regions, with a particular emphasis on growing developments and trends in the Asia-Pacific marketplace.

Online Marketing Solutions

By combining market leading editorial skills with a large, highly qualified and BPA Audited audience, CosmeticsDesign.com USA is the most cost-effective and responsive medium for reaching cosmetics manufacturing decision makers in Europe.

Its Online Marketing Solutions Team builds comprehensive and unparalleled online marketing programs tailored perfectly to the objectives of the online marketer or advertiser. These combine brand marketing tools, response marketing tools, direct marketing tools and a highly advanced level of interactivity between the marketer and target audience.

By employing the latest technology for advertising delivery, tracking and reporting clients receive direct, timely access to their online marketing results in a measurable format.

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