L’Oréal Canada’s new CMO Stéphanie Binette to take e-business to the next level

Stéphanie Binette, L’Oréal Canada’s incoming CMO (image courtesy of the company)

Binette’s leadership experience with the company recommends her for the role: It’s because of her prior work as general manager of the company’s consumer products brand L'Oréal Paris that that brand is “recognized today in Canada as a leader in beauty, media as well as digital.”

The current company directive for its CMOs is distinctly digi- and tech-centric. “Stéphanie will continue the CMO mandate of managing L'Oréal Canada's marketing transformation in the digital era,” according to a press release about her next leadership role.

And her top “objectives” will be “accelerating e-business, customizing the marketing approach and excellence in engaging Brands with consumers.”

String of successes

In announcing Stéphanie Binette as the next CMO of L’Oreal Canada, the company points to a series of successes. Binette has worked with L’Oreal since 2006, when she took on the role of group leader for Garnier with L’Oreal Canada.

Just two years later Binette stepped up to become the director of marketing in both the colour and hair care categories for L'Oréal Paris. After that she took on a brand management role and led Maybelline New York to its spot as the top cosmetics brand in Canada.

Additionally, “under her leadership, her team successfully launched the essie brand in Canada in 2011, creating a unique brand image and making it the most successful launch worldwide,” according to the company press release.

In 2013 Binette accepted yet another leadership role, this time as General Manager for Garnier-Maybelline-essie. And in 2015 she became general manager for L'Oréal Paris. In her short time leading that brand, Binette “increased…growth and market share in all major categories and accelerated the digital transformation of the brand.”

Succession planning

The current CMO Stéphane Bérubé is moving to a new marketing leadership role within L’Oréal, this one in London, England. As of August 15th, Bérubé will be CMO for the company’s Western Europe zone.

Shortly before that, as of August 1st, Binette will be CMO of L’Oréal Canada. And if her track record—focusing “on a consumer-oriented marketing approach and [being]able to transform her teams in order to make them seize opportunities and consumer trends as well as become risk-takers, while focusing on the excellence and quality of the execution of business strategies”—is any indication, the future of L’Oréal Canada looks bright. 

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